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“Interview” is Not a Four-Letter Word

October 16th, 2013 jsanders

It is actually nine.  Whether I am meeting students on the road or on campus, I seem to hear the same question over and over again: “What can I do to increase my chances of acceptance?”  I have a particular attachment to this question and I will answer it with vigor before the last syllable vibrates off a student’s vocal chords, pushes past polished teeth, and flees from formed lips.

“INTERVIEW!”  My excitement is often met with blank stares and timid expressions.  I quickly confer with my 17 –year-old self who reminds me that interviews are considered by many high school students to be superficial, self-indulgent monologues professing one’s greatness to an intimidating potential employer for personal gain.  Yikes!  Okay, 17-year-old self, you’ve painted a vivid, yet scary, picture.  So I must explain how interviews work here at Holy Cross in order to help dispel this wicked imagery.

It would be more appropriate to title Holy Cross Interviews as “Conversations,” because that is essentially what they are: two people in a room chatting about anything and everything. The interview is not the time to determine if a student is a credible candidate; it is a time to put a name with a face and get to know each candidate on a more personal level.  It is not about proving yourself to our office, it is about adding more information to your own application.  Twenty to thirty minutes of conversation can add volumes of information to your application that is impossible to convey on paper through the Common Application, your letters of recommendation, your college essay, or your SAT scores (should you choose to send them).  Read more about scheduling an interview on- or off-campus,   and schedule one before we run out of spots.

Dan Weagle ‘08
Admissions  Counselor

2 Responses to ““Interview” is Not a Four-Letter Word”

  1. Morgan Wilderman says:

    I really enjoyed the interview process at Holy Cross. I was initially nervous about the interview, but my Admissions Counselor put me at ease. I was also fortunate to have a current Holy Cross student in my interview. His perspective added to the conversation!

  2. Madison Guyon says:

    Dear Mr. Weagle:

    Your blog, “‘Interview’ Is Not a Four-Letter Word”, was eye opening. I have taken your advice seriously, and I have scheduled an interview and a visit to The College of the Holy Cross for Thursday, November 7, 2013. I am excited about my visit. The College of the Holy Cross embodies the values and traditions that I am looking for in my college experience. I will be forwarding my application to the admissions department before my visit. Thank you for this important insight into the application process.


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