Who are these admissions people?

Pmaloney Hey all. 

My name is Patrick Maloney and I’m an assistant director in the Admissions Office at Holy Cross.  I’m excited to have you reading our new Admissions blog and hope that you enjoy it.  I assume that if you’re reading this, that you’re probably interested in attending HC and/or trying to get some information about the school.  So, I’m hoping that my colleagues and I can accomplish that and also help give you a little insight into the Admissions Office at HC and what we actually do. 

I think sometimes there is a lot of confusion surrounding how the application process actually works and also how a school reaches a decision on an application.  If you’re a senior in high school right now, you’re probably thinking the same thing that I thought when I was in your shoes…"who are these admissions people, really?" followed by "I wonder if they even like high school students?"  Well, the truth of the matter is, that an overwhelming amount of people that work in admissions do it because they "like the kids".  Maloney Tip #1 – Think of admissions representatives as a resource.  Seriously.  We’re here to help you, so if you have questions, please ask! 

Now, for the rest of you wondering who these people are, here’s a little bit of background about myself.  I’ve actually been at HC for a quite a while now…I graduated in 2002, and then worked for two years in the Athletic Department here at the College, and now find myself entering my fourth year in the Admissions Office.  Time flies…I cannot believe that I had a college reunion this past summer.  Just the idea of it is totally foreign to me, but it’s reality.  Anyway, I live in Worcester (my hometown) with my beautiful wife of 10 months now.  So, there’s a little intro about me.  Hopefully it wasn’t too boring to read…

I’m gearing up for a trip to California as part of my first recruiting trip of the fall, so I’ll check back with you all later.

Patrick Maloney ’02
Assistant Director of Admissions

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