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JuliaHi! I’m Julia and I’m the newest addition to the Admissions staff.  Holy Cross is a beautiful place filled with warm and brilliant people, and though you might think Admissions folks are scary, after working here for a few weeks I can assure you we don’t go around scratching our beards and glaring at each other through thick bifocals.  Come to think of it, I’ve never seen anyone sneer. Not even once. 

I am very excited to meet you and hear your stories.  What are you passionate about?  What makes you come alive?  Think about it, just a little (or a lot – depending on your mood),  and then come tell me about it while I’m on the road in New Hampshire, Northern and Southern California, upstate New York, Western Massachusetts, and Washington D.C.   Do you really love Tater Tots, Italy, Jane Austen, or the Patriots?  Have you been on a mission to Central America, or to Bridge club with your grandma? Have you had any great falls lately?  We all have stories…they’re what make us human.  Cultivating your stories will make your essay writing and interviewing experiences that much easier, and that much more fun.  So please, don’t be afraid to try a few of them out on us. 

I grew up here in the great city of Worcester (In fact, Pat and I just discovered we were in the same nursery school class).  After college I took my Cultural Anthropology degree out to Los Angeles to try my hand at Television and Film Production.  The majority of my time was spent casting Documentary and Reality shows, and as fun and exciting as that was, I had a persistent itch to do something a little more helpful.   I ended up moving back to my beautiful hometown, and am thrilled to have joined the Holy Cross Admissions team. 

My friends say I’m a bit of a spaz, but I prefer to call it young at heart.  I am passionate about travel, photography, cooking, The Office, live music, and New England sports teams. 

Once again, we’re all looking forward to hearing about what makes you, uniquely you.

Julia Sanders
Admissions Counselor

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