Tubes, Trains, and Taxis .. oh my!

What a beautiful day in London!  Bright skies, but cool 50-60 degree temps were the recipe for the day; perfect weather for buzzing around the Queen’s city.

The day started by leaving the Thistle Hotel, bags slung over shoulder, optimistic for the day.  I headed back for Heathrow, knowing I could connect with the Tube (as they affectionately refer to the underground here) there … and, honestly, hoping I would either be able to check my baggage for my flight to Italy tonight, or find a locker to store this behemoth in.  Storage .. its definitely the way to go.  I tried checking it, but the agents will only allow you to check baggage within a two hour timeframe prior to your departure (good reference information for all you travelers out there!).  So, I paid my 6.5 pound storage fee, and off to the tube I went.

London Tube Map (.pdf)

Packed in like sardines, everyone was going somewhere.  I, for one, was headed for the American School in London where I was certain I would be meeting with several very interested students.  Just over an hour later on the Piccidilly line, and a change at Green Park to the Jubilee line, and I was there.  Counselors and students both anxiously awaited to hear more about this small, liberal arts, highly regarded college in central Massachusetts they had only previously heard of.  One student, Will, had already been to campus in February, and although we were buried in snow at the time, he said he still loved what he saw saying, "what a great campus!  I had been to several other really nice places .. including some other Patriot League Colleges .. but none were as nice as Holy Cross!".  We spent some more time together, and when the questions had been exhausted, the students headed back to class, inspired to do more research on Holy Cross, and learn even more about what it was that makes us different.

Throughout the remainder of the day I spent more time in the tube, more time riding into the country on the train, and visiting with more students from other schools, hailing from a variety of countries, interested in possibly coming to Worcester for their next four years!  Interests ranged from Political Science, to history, to Pre-Med, to Soccer … each student was unique, each had different interests, and each had conjured up their own individual thoughts about what they wanted their college experience to be.  Certainly, you’ll do the same on your journey through the colleges and universities you visit along the way.

As my visits concluded for the day, I hailed a taxi back to Heathrow to collect my stored luggage, and wait for my flight to Trieste, Italy.  Luggage checked; flight delayed several hours.  Ultimately, the flight, and my connecting flight in Milan all worked out (a close call in Milan, but I made it!) …. but did my luggage make it?  Tune in next time to find out ……..

Ciao for now … from Trieste, Italy, on the Bulgaria border – – this is that Jim guy, signing off.

James T. Richardson
Associate Director of Admission
FACHEX Coordinator

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