“Visit” your top colleges at college fairs

SuzanneHi everyone, I am checking in from sunny St. Louis, where I am about to board a plane bound for Chicago, Illinois. I’m currently sitting here eating my favorite St. Louis Bread Company sandwich (which many of you probably know as Panera), the Turkey Artichoke Panini, and looking for a spot in my carry-on bag where I can hide my souvenir St. Louis Cardinals World Series t-shirt from the upcoming Cubbies fans in Chi-town.
My comments from this trip include how impressed I have been with the students that I have met at the various school visits and college fairs in St. Louis. Students came fully prepared and armed with questions ranging from writing their college essays to extra-curricular activities to an avid interest in the first year Montserrat program at Holy Cross. I would say that doing a bit of due-diligence (like reading this!) will definitely help you to make the most out of these visits and will help you to focus your thoughts on determining the best college “fit” for you.

As you begin your college search, college fairs serve as “one stop shop” and are a great way to gather lots of information from different colleges all in one evening. Also, the tables are staffed with pretty easy-going Admissions Counselors or local Alumni, who can answer questions that you may have. Where else but at a college fair can you “visit” a college in California and a college in Massachusetts in less than an hour?

It looks as if my plane is about to board and so I will be signing off until I arrive in the Windy City. My trip to St. Louis was good to me and I hope that it was also good to the several students wisely trying to get a leg-up on the admissions process.


Suzanne R. Timmons
Admissions Counselor

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