Pick a name and stick with it: part 2

Pmaloney Greetings from South Dakota!  It’s actually in the high 70’s and sunny, so I’m pretty excited.  Today’s post is not going to be long – actually, I’m building off of/copying from a previous entry from Lynn.  (She’s smart.)  Plus, you might already be getting tired of reading my entries…

Anyway, as Lynn pointed out last week, it is very important for the colleges that you are looking at to have your correct contact information – name, address, email, high school, etc.  So, if you are reading this and thinking, “hmm…I seem to be getting duplicate mailings from Holy Cross”, or “my name is spelled wrong on this envelope from Holy Cross”, well, there’s one thing you should do – let us know!  If you just moved or changed your email address since your first joined the mailing list, or we happen to have a more “inventive” spelling of your name, you should tell us.  Simply send an email to admissions@holycross.edu and give us the corrected information as well as what is incorrect.  (That makes it easier to find…)  This will take you all of 30 seconds and will clear up a lot of confusion that might occur later on in the winter.

Here’s some photos from my current trip.  Next stop: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Patrick Maloney ’02
Assistant Director of Admissions

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