Director of Admissions’ tips for application process

Annmcdermott I hope you are enjoying getting to know members of the Admissions Staff.  I have been reminded by a staff member (okay, it was Kelli) that I have been invisible since my opening greeting.  So here is a bit of my story:

I am originally from Wilton, CT (though born in CA) and attended public schools there. I sort of stumbled upon Holy Cross, and after a visit to campus knew that this was where I wanted to spend my four years of college. I was a psychology major, but took full advantage of the broad range of classes offered here. I have spent all of my professional life working in the field of admissions, returning to work in the Holy Cross admissions office in 1989.  My husband Ed is also a graduate of Holy Cross. He is an attorney by profession, and on the side he too is employed by the College. He teaches a class on legal reasoning and rhetoric, and coaches the College’s mock trial and moot court teams.  Our oldest child, Brian, is a sophomore here, and daughter Lauren is a junior in high school. Will she follow in mom, dad, and bother’s footsteps? That’s a blog for the future.

My tip for making the college application process a bit saner: Don’t get sucked into the hysteria that frequently escalates at this time of year. Getting distracted by the frantic conversations among classmates about who’s applying where, deadlines, etc. is simply not helpful.  Stay focused. Be organized. Maintain perspective. And breathe.

Ann McDermott
Director of Admissions

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