Happy Holidays!

Kelli I know you’re all dying to go behind the scenes of our “Holiday Card.”   Well here are some of the answers to the thousands of questions that have poured  in. Okay, actually no questions have been to us, but these are my guesses about the questions you are secretly quite curious about:

How did they come up with such a fantastic picture idea?

We threw around a lot of ideas for our holiday photo this year, including a figure skating scene, a scene around the Christmas dinner table, and even something involving us dressed like reindeer.  The photo we finally settled on was Drew’s idea, proposed while we lunched at the fabulous Corner Grille on Pleasant St. (their super thin crust pizza is unbelievably good). I think it won the day primarily because: 1. The idea was cute and 2. Didn’t require a whole production crew to stage it.

How did they get the hat on the statue?

Very carefully.  It had just rained and the statue was quite slick. Nevertheless, Patrick managed the daring feat of placement while wearing dress shoes.

Who is that statue guy?
The statue is entitled, Eustache de Saint Pierre, Vetu, A Burgher of Calais (by Auguste Rodin) and is located in Memorial Plaza.  It depicts Eustache de Saint Pierre, one of six citizens of Calais, France, who surrendered the keys to the city to Edward III during the Hundreds Years War.  In 1347, Dressed in sackcloth and wearing nooses around their necks, the six volunteers walked to the English camp and presented themselves to the king. At the intercession of Edward’s queen the six hostages were spared.

Where can I get one of those fabulous scarves?
Why the HC bookstore of course!  Check the “Headwear/Accessories” category.

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Kelli Powell
Assistant Director of Admissions

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