Open House Reflections

Kelli The weather was great (sunny and warm) and the mood positive, as over 1500 students, parents, family members, and friends joined us this past Sunday for our Accepted Student Open House. Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite things from the day.  If you weren’t able to join us, you missed an information-packed event (but never fear, we’re still available to give you closure on any unanswered questions—Admissions Office: 508-793-2443/800-442-2421).  If you were with us, I hope you and your family enjoyed yourselves.  See if your “best of” list from the day aligns with mine.

3. The chocolate covered cannolis.  These fantastically tasty treats were just one of the many yummy dessert options prepared by our great Dining Services staff for our Open House. As a student, such desserts are available to order whenever you want! (Kimball Sweet Shoppe Menu)

2. Getting my photo taken with the Holy Cross mascot.  Many of you seemingly had to be cajoled into posing with our Crusader, but I know that reticence was just for show.  Secretly, you’re more than a little excited about your souvenir.

1. Talking with all of you!  In many ways this is the best time of the year for the Admissions staff.  We first met many of you last spring/summer.  We then saw you at high school visits, fairs, and evening information sessions in the fall.  This winter, as we read through your applications, we came to know you even better.  Each and every one of you, who was offered admission to our Class of 2012, is someone we’ve gotten to know in one way or the other.  For us, Open House is wonderful because we get to re-make your acquaintance.  We really enjoy the opportunity to see and talk with all of you smart, fantastic, interesting people.  We’re invested in you.  We truly think purple is your color, and we hope to see you on campus this fall!

[Visit the accepted student website and click on “View the accepted student open house card »” near the bottom of the homepage (under our director’s letter), to view our thank you to you for coming.]

Kelli Powell
Assistant Director of Admissions

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