Introduction – Lynn Verrecchia

Hello everyone!  We’re excited for the new school year and for new HC blogs.  We hope that you will check back frequently to hear what’s going on in the world of Holy Cross Admissions.

My name is Lynn Verrecchia.  I grew up in Port Chester, NY and first came to Holy Cross as a student 1997.  I chose Holy Cross for many of the same reasons I hear students mention today, including our close-knit community and focus on creating well-rounded individuals.

I began my admissions career in 2002, and returned to Holy Cross in my current role just over four years ago.  I love having the opportunity to talk with students about a college that has played such an important role in my own life.  In addition to working with high school students, I coordinate our transfer process, and recently began working with our alumni volunteers.

I live with my husband, a fellow Holy Cross grad, in Somerville, MA.  I’ve spent much of the last two years picking out paint colors, and highly recommend “caliente”.   True loves of my life include foreign language, travel, cookies and Alton Brown.

My recruitment territories include Texas, Tennessee, Maine, and parts of Massachusetts.  I hope to see many of you “on the road”, and others on campus this fall!  I truly believe in the importance of finding the right “fit” in a college, and hope that many of you will find just that at Holy Cross.  Happy searching!

Lynn Verrecchia
Sr. Assistant Director of Admissions

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