The why and the how

LynnFill out Common Application?  Check!  Request transcript?  Check!  Ask favorite teacher for letter of recommendation?  Check!  Have mom or dad write a check?  Check!  Schedule admissions interview?  Screeeeech!  Wait, what?  Do you really need one more thing to add to your endless to-do list?  We say yes.  At Holy Cross, we encourage all applicants to have a one-on-one interview.  We know you’re busy (and hey, we’re busy too!), but we know that the 30 minutes we’ll spend with you is well worth it.

An application for admission contains a lot of information.  Most of it falls into the categories of who (you), what (track team), where (school, community) and when (4 year captain!).  All good information, but something is missing.  The purpose of an interview is to uncover the why (my older sister who I really admire ran track and I wanted to follow in her footsteps) and the how (6 practices a week, rain or shine, even through shin splints) of what you do.  As interviewers, we want to dig a little bit deeper to help your application file resemble the true, whol
e “you” just a little bit more.  That’s it.  No trick questions, no riddles, no puzzles.  Just a friendly conversation with someone who finds you (and your shin splints) interesting.

Interviews are offered on campus through December 31.  Call us now, and cross off one more thing from that ridiculously long list.  We’ll get to know you a little bit better, and maybe you’ll learn something about Holy Cross–and yourself–in the process.

Lynn Verrecchia
Sr. Assistant Director of Admissions

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