Demonstrated Interest Part Deux

So what if you can’t come to campus to “demonstrate your interest”?  Does this mean that when it comes to Admissions, you’re at a disadvantage?  Should you uproot your family and move across the country so that you have easy access to visiting? Certainly not.

Rest assured that your chances of being admitted to a college do not increase exponentially depending upon the number of times you physically step on campus.  That’s not what we’re going for.  There are many ways that prospective students from every corner of the globe can convey their interest to a college.  Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, the internet is a great vehicle for connecting.  Some of the ways that we invite you to engage with us are through online chats, “Meet Some Students” or simply emailing questions to an Admissions Counselor (look under “Get Connected” on the Admissions website, ).  You can also join our mailing list or take virtual tour.

If you want to interview, but know you can’t make it to campus to have one, worry not.  Holy Cross offers students the opportunity to have an Alumni Interview conducted within close proximity to your hometown.  These interviews are intended only for students who live outside of New England.  Students who request an Alumni Interview must submit their applications to Holy Cross before arrangements can be made.  The deadline for requesting an interview is December 1st and Early Decision candidates are not eligible.

So while we’d love for you to come to campus and experience our beautiful campus firsthand, we understand that this is not feasible for all of our applicants.  We are more than willing to hear your feedback and answer your questions via the internet.  See you in cyberspace!

Allison P. Rose ’06
Assistant Director of Admissions

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