Worcester: An Ideal College Town

It’s not Boston, and it’s not New York, but I believe Worcester to be the perfect place to attend college, especially when combined with the constant stream of activities that Holy Cross provides its students.    Here are just a few reasons why ‘the Woo’ is an ideal place to spend four years:

  1. 1.Because it’s NOT Boston or New York.   Worcester provides you with TONS of options ranging from street festivals and fabulous restaurants, to concert venues and hiking trails , without the constant distraction.  College is, in fact, a place to get some studying done, and our gorgeous hilltop location provides you with the opportunity to do just that.  Check out this view of campus!
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  3. Service:   in the Jesuit tradition.   Worcester is an incredibly diverse city – home to both great wealth, and a fair amount of poverty.  The original intention of the Jesuits was to build institutions in cities that could benefit from the students’ presence there.  So live out the Jesuit mission, and complement your liberal arts education with a taste of the real world.
  4. Experience is the most important thing on your resume, so maximize your liberal arts education with an internship.  Holy Cross alums are scattered all throughout the city, just waiting to give a Crusader a shot at greatness (Worcester area internships are offered at banks, law firms, hospitals, newspapers, radio stations,  magazines, social service agencies, sports teams, and a variety of other professional institutions.) If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, take a look at a sample of our summer internship offerings
  5. Multiply your course offerings by twelve. When you come to Holy Cross,  you are allowed to take classes (one per semester) at any school that is part of the Colleges of Worcester Consortium, including Tufts Veterinary, UMass Medical, Clark University, and WPI.

Want more? Call the Admissions Office, I’d be happy to share.

Julia Sanders
Admissions Counselor

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