Second-Reading Applications

JuliaSandersSurrounding me:   Piles of files, post-it notes, mechanical pencils, and caffeinated beverages.

What I’m doing:  Double-checking the “first reads” Drew Carter did of your applications.

Provoking anxiety:  All that’s left to do.

Quashing anxiety:  This is the final push.  Committee starts Monday.

Why the HC admissions officers second – read:  To make sure our colleagues didn’t miss that AP course, that service trip to Malawi, or the note you left when you passed through the admissions office on the way back to New York.  Also, because you work really hard, and we want to make sure we capture the most brilliant snapshot of you we possibly can before heading into committee.

What would make it just a tad easier on us?  Reminding your guidance counselors to  send us your mid-year (or first trimester – if that’s all that’s available) grades, if they haven’t already.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Files left to go….


Julia Sanders
Admissions Counselor

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