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The College Fair: Where Do I Start?

May 5th, 2010 jsanders

NicoleZervos.BLOG2This past week, I’ve been doing a few college fairs at high schools and at national events. College fairs are a good way to start seeing what types of colleges are out there, but they can also be extremely overwhelming. Students often come up to our table and not know what to do or say. I thought I’d share a few pointers to get you started:



  • Know that we’re here to talk to you. Our job as Admissions Counselors is to talk to students about our institutions. Don’t be afraid to approach us. We’re all friendly people and we want to tell you why our college is the place for you.


  • It’s OK if you don’t know anything about the school. One of my favorite parts of college fairs is talking to students who know nothing about Holy Cross. Often, by the time we’re through talking, they’re signing up for the mailing list and excited to come for a campus tour.


  • Go beyond asking about the numbers. While it’s ok to ask about average GPA or test scores, that type of information is easily accessible on the internet or in a school’s literature. Try to make your questions as specific as possible. Ask what makes an application successful or find out what campus life is like, how well the professors interact with students, if internships are offered, etc.  


  • Filling out the card does matter. A lot of students who are already on our mailing list ask if they need to fill out an inquiry card. While this is not the case at all schools, we do keep track of the type of contact you’ve made with Holy Cross. We want to give you credit for putting in the effort to talk to us at a fair. Printing up pre-made labels is a quick way to avoid writer’s cramp at college fairs.


If you see me at a college fair this spring or next fall, don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi! Ask me a question and I’ll be more than happy to answer.


Nicole Zervos ’09

Admissions Counselor

2 Responses to “The College Fair: Where Do I Start?”

  1. Alfred Califano says:

    Hello everyone on the Holy Cross Blog! I just want to sincerely thank you all because, as a Junior, I already feel so prepared to apply for colleges in the upcoming year. I have been following the admissions blog for a little over a year now, and can honestly say that it has made me feel so confident about my plans for senior year. I just want to let you all know how appreciative I am for all of your tips and guidance! It has made me feel very ahead of the game.


    Alfred Califano

  2. Admissions says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Alfred.

    If you have suggestions for blog topics in the future, please let us know, by emailing

    Hope to see you this summer!

    -HC Admissions

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