New Admissions Publications

Since you are reading this, you have undoubtedly seen the changes to the Admissions website.  The addition of video and audio slide shows really adds a lot to the on-line experience.  I hope you like these new features!

While we were working on the upgrade to the Admissions website, we were also tackling a redesign of all our print material. It was an enormous undertaking. But now that it is done, I can honestly say that it was well worth the effort.  The new viewbook, the first piece to go out, hit the mail last week.  So far, reaction from students and parents has been tremendous.  Be sure that you are on our mailing list so you don’t miss out…

So what do I like best about the new web and print pieces?  Well, the photography is gorgeous and you really get a feel for the campus. But what I really love is hearing and reading about the Holy Cross experience directly from our students.  Who better to describe the amazing opportunities available here?

Ann McDermott

Director of Admissions

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