Meet New Admissions Counselor Dan Weagle

My name is Dan Weagle and I am a brand new, fresh out of the packaging, mint condition Admissions Counselor here at the College of the Holy Cross. I graduated from Holy Cross in 2008 with my Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Classics. Upon graduating, I worked as a paralegal at a Worcester law firm for almost two years.

I would describe myself as a history buff. When I am not reading up on my favorite subjects (Early American History and U.S. involvement in WWI & WWII), I can be found among the suits of armor at Higgins Armory, performing research at the Yankee Division Museum, or simply watching the History Channel.

History is somewhat of a full time hobby for me, but I do get out and enjoy Mother Nature on the weekends when I play a round of disc golf with friends at one of the many disc golf courses in and around Worcester. “What is disc golf?” you might ask. Simply put, it is golf with a disc (Frisbee). If you have any more questions or you are at all intrigued by the thought of this game, you should “Google” the nearest disc golf course and head there immediately. You will not be disappointed. If you are disappointed, you must have “Googled” incorrectly. You should really be more careful next time you “Google.”

I am thrilled to be back here at Holy Cross helping to assemble a diverse community of eager, intelligent, autonomous students. However, I won’t be on Mount Saint James for long. In fact, as we speak I am most likely in the Missouri or DC area visiting high schools, representing Holy Cross at a college fair, or hosting an interview night. Check out our fall travel schedule to see if I will be at your high school and, if it strikes your fancy, stop by and see me. Seriously, stop by and chat me up – otherwise, who will prevent me from going to that restaurant down the road from your school that plays horrible music? Yeah, you know the one – the one where the French fries are soggy and everything tastes like Styrofoam. I don’t want to eat there. Please do a service to the new guy and point him in the opposite direction of that place.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dan Weagle ‘08

Admissions Counselor

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