The Application Trek

Flashback to early November. Our team of twelve gathered at base camp to prepare for the long trek up the mountain. We stuffed our backpacks with your applications, our mechanical pencils and erasers, extra lead for all those broken tips, our calculators for innumerable computations and some must-have snacks. As we headed out, we experienced some treacherous winter weather, but we maintained our plan to reach the summit by spring. When we set out we didn’t know exactly how many steps it would take, or exactly how many days, but we knew it would be interesting.

During the long climb to the summit of Mount Saint James we met some very interesting applicants.  Many were on a spiritual trek, attempting to climb the mountain to find themselves through their faith, while others were seeking answers through science, aspiring to be doctors, veterinarians and dentists. Others were world-ranked triathaletes, accomplished musicians, and successful classicists. Some we met had made a decision earlier that this was their mountain; it was where they wanted to be. Most climbers however, were not sure of their decision and needed more time to explore on their own. As we trekked on, each day amongst ourselves we approved more and more, knowing they could handle the upcoming rigors that Mt. St. James would present to them, and hoping they would join us at the top.

Twenty one weeks has now passed since our team set out on our trek. Spring is here,  and our team has made it, 7,350 steps. If you were approved to move forward to the summit, you now know that.  We’ll wait for you at the top … will you join us? The view of Worcester from here is amazing!

James T. Richardson

Associate Director of Admissions

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