Meet Admissions Counselor Zach Wielgus

My name is Zach Wielgus, and I’m the new guy at Holy Cross. I’m currently the youngest member of the admissions staff, fresh out of college, which means I have the exciting yet daunting task of learning everything I can about this great school. This also means that I did not graduate from Holy Cross (please forgive me!). I did graduate from another Jesuit school, for what that’s worth – and for my money, that’s worth a lot. The question-everything, reflect-on-it-all nature of the Jesuits is the reason I realized my love for admissions, and why I am posting on the Holy Cross admissions blog. I owe Ignatius a drink the next time I see him.

Here’s the thing: I’m really excited to be here. Like, really excited.. To be able to help high school students around the country realize how great a school Holy Cross is, and then to help construct a new class of Crusaders, is downright incredible. I can’t wait to get on the road and get to have those conversations with students, to ask them “What do you get to do in your free time?” or “What qualities would your perfect school have?” or “After four years at a college or university, how do you hope to have changed?” will be beyond rewarding (and a little fun, of course). And for those of you in Minnesota; Tennessee; Pittsburgh; Cleveland; and Fairfield, Connecticut, I hope you are equally eager to answer those questions from me.

But, believe it or not, admissions isn’t the only thing I enjoy. I am a huge sports fan, and get way too into the Packers and Brewers. I know the players can’t hear me through the TV, but I’m going to shout at them anyway. There isn’t a more exhilarating feeling than cheering among tens of thousands of fans, watching your favorite team in person. (And yes, watching the Packers win the Super Bowl this year was the best night of my life, even if it was just from my living room.) Though I would hardly consider myself athletic, I love to play golf and tennis, and am still very proud that I ran the Boston Marathon in 2010. Trust me, if I can run it, anyone can! I also love to read, watch The Amazing Race and 30 Rock, and occasionally write short stories if I’m inspired enough.

Enough about me. Tell me about you! Whether in an interview, through an e-mail, or in person while I’m traveling, I look forward to meeting you.

Zach Wielgus

Admissions Counselor

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