Thoughts From a Newbie Application Reader

Embarking on my first season of application reading was somewhat daunting. Initially, I was overwhelmed to think that my colleagues and I would collectively read more than 7,000 freshman applications from cover to cover. I wondered (and worried) whether all of the candidates would eventually blur together in my mind. I’ve realized, though, that when I give each application the thorough read it deserves and immerse myself in each file, it becomes more than just a collection of documents and truly brings to life the unique individual it represents. Each read becomes a chance to get to know a new student, one with the potential to join the vibrant student body here at Holy Cross. Though I’ve never talked to Student A, I’ve read his college essay and can picture him giving the mind-blowing speech that helped him win the election for Class President. I’ve never stepped foot in Student B’s high school, but based on her letters of recommendation I can almost hear the chit-chat in the teachers’ lounge as they talk about how excited they are to have such an intelligent, hardworking, and motivated student in class this year. According to the write-up of my colleague who interviewed Student C, I’ve been able to unpeel another of his layers to discover that in person he is witty, charming, engaging, and mature… not to mention that he speaks fluent Greek. It may sound crazy, but I sincerely look forward to “meeting” all 7,000+ of you!

Kate Stewart

Admissions Counselor

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