Why Holy Cross? Excellence and Purpose

It is said that the nightingale bird never sings alone – that they always wait to hear another nightingale sing before they begin their song.

In that spirit, I’ll be the nightingale of the Admissions Office; let me explain why I love Holy Cross, let me sing my Crusader song and let me inspire my co-workers to do the same.

I love Holy Cross for so many reasons but today, it is because of our valedictorians.

Our very first valedictorian in 1849 was from Georgia and our 165th valedictorian in 2011 came from St. John’s Newfoundland in Canada.  He, upon graduating in 1849, went on to become the first African-American Roman Catholic priest and the country’s first African-American Catholic bishop.  She, in 2011, has gone onto pursue a career in humanitarian relief efforts and peace studies.

Two people from opposite ends of North America with very different upbringings — separated by gender, race and over 160 years but united by a school with a purpose.

I love Holy Cross because here you find students from all over the world who want a school that emphasizes open inquiry, inspires high achievement and is committed to developing the whole person.  They want academic excellence with a purpose.

That is why I love Holy Cross.

Andrew N. Carter
Associate Director of Admissions

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