Regular Decision Applications due…today!


Ariel winter scenes on campus
photography by Thomas Rettig

With just a dusting of snow on the ground, it is difficult to believe that we are, in fact, in the middle of January.  At the Office of Admissions, staff members have been working hard to process and review applications–we are so excited for reading season because now is when we see students in their entirety: essays, transcripts, letters of support…all of those application materials that have taken students, their families, and their teachers/coaches/supervisors so many months to put together.  We applaud you for your efforts and look forward to shaping the Class of 2020!

In an attempt to offer something more, I looked at last year’s posts.  One of my colleagues had such a lovely thought that I would share it here again:

“The anxious tone of recent phone calls and e-mails has me wishing I could stand in front of each and every one of you to look you in the eye, ask you to take a deep breath, and remind you that it will all work out. And with this calmness comes a clear mind and keen eye, eliminating the chance for sloppy mistakes or rushed writing. Yes, every piece of the application is vitally important; however, if your mind is frantic from the stress of attaining perfection by a deadline, you can easily lose your footing as you try to put your best foot forward.  [So] take a walk in the brisk winter air. Eat dinner with your family and talk about something other than college applications. See a movie with your friends. Read a book for fun. Before you know it, the chaos inside your brain will settle, the stress will float away, and the final days before a deadline will feel much more manageable.”

I hope that you will take this advice to heart….I know that I will as I begin to think about all of the application files I need to read!

Another item worth a mention: it is not too late to send us supplemental information!  If you would like to send us an additional essay, an update on your activities, or perhaps a paragraph or two on why you love Holy Cross, please do.  We may be reached at, and we would love to hear from you!

Stay warm, be well.

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