HC for a Cure


Curious as to what clubs and organizations our students are involved with on campus? Learn more about what tour guide, Meltem Eracar ’19, does as a member of Holy Cross for a Cure.


Holy Cross for a Cure is a student-run organization whose main goal is to raise awareness and money for cancer research. Our club mainly focuses on raising awareness through athletic events. If we want students or the public to know more about HC for a Cure, join the organization or donate through purchasing one of our t-shirts, then this is most easily done at sporting games where there are usually many people attending. Other times, we have mini competitions that are hosted at games to help get students, parents, and all spectators involved while also spreading the word about our club. My involvement is typical to almost everyone else’s in the club, I volunteer a few hours of my time during each of our events, which are usually hosted a handful of times throughout the year.

The reason why I joined HC for a Cure is because I was involved with something similar during my time in high school. Every fall, all athletes at my high school would participate in a program called “Play for the Cure”, which is very similar to “HC for a Cure”. Our athletes, including myself, would bake various desserts and on this specific day, would sell them to students and parents attending the games. Through this event, we raised awareness and money for the Dana-Farber organization and other organizations who are in need. The reason that this event was so special to me was because my volleyball coach at the time had a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She really appreciated the time and effort that our high school put in for such a great cause. It really helped to bring the coaches and students together. When I heard that there was an entire club at Holy Cross devoted to this kind of fundraising throughout the school year, I knew that I had to join in order to help make a difference for anyone who has been affected by cancer.


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