Hi! My name is Gabby and I am one of the Social Media Interns in the Office of Admissions at the College of the Holy Cross. The study period for finals week ends today, so I wanted to write about finals at Holy Cross from a student’s perspective and provide tips for prospective students on how to survive (and thrive!) during finals week.

My first tip for finals week is to take detailed notes throughout the semester. Whether you’re taking a biology or a political science course, your notes will be one of your main studying resources when it comes time to prepare for finals week! If you miss class, ask a classmate if you can borrow their notes. In my experience, my notes have been crucial to being successful during when studying for exams.


Sleep. I know, this is certainly not easy when you have four exams to study for, but sleep is so important for being successful during finals week! Sleeping gives your brain a chance to rests and recharge, helping you remember more, feel better, and giving you the energy you need to crush your exams. Caffeine is helpful, but getting those 8 hours of shut-eye each night will make the difference.


Be active! Go for a walk around campus. Hit one of the on-campus gyms. Getting up and moving will make you feel so much healthier and less stressed during finals week, when students are sitting at their desks for long periods of time without moving around. Not to mention, exercise is known to have so many health benefits, from keeping you younger to helping your memory!


Go to office hours. Questions on a specific topic you learned in class? Want to know what your professor expects you to know for your exam? Want to vent? Head to your professors’ office hours. These are beneficial because they show your professor that you care about your performance in class, are driven to succeed, and are asking questions, which professors love.


Finals week is far from easy, but these tips can help you stay stress-free and focused. Use them and you’ll survive and thrive!

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