What do you love most about interacting with prospective students/families?

Even though applicant decisions have been released, prospective students are still visiting campus! For this week’s Spotlight, current Outreach Admissions volunteers reflect on the question, what do you love most about interacting with prospective students/families? Read their answers to see what your visit to campus means to our volunteers!



Telling the prospective students and families how Holy Cross will allow them to explore their academic and extracurricular passions in an even deeper way than high school.

-Spencer Caron ‘20, Philosophy and Neuroscience double major, from Belchertown, MA










Hearing everyone’s story is the thing I love most about prospective students. We all have a reason to why or how we got to Holy Cross and hearing everyone’s different stories is a great way to interact with them.

-Kelly Connors ‘20, Political Science major, from Leominster, MA









I love hearing about the variety of interests that people have in Holy Cross and their reasons for coming to visit.

-Katie Kelsh ‘20, Political Science and Spanish double major, from Evanston, IL










They are eager to hear about the daily lives of the students here

-Danielle Wilson ‘18, Economics and Physics double major, from Rockville Centre, NY









I love helping students and their families through what I know is such a tricky time. If looked at properly, college admissions can be exciting, not just scary!

-Paulina Martin ‘21, Undeclared major, from Mansfield, MA








I love sharing with them my own experiences and how I have grown as a student, person, and friend while here at Holy Cross.

-Allie Silge ‘20, Economics major and Art History Minor, from Lake Forest, IL









I love just talking about how great this school is. If I love the school so much, why wouldn’t I want to share my love to others?!

-Michaela Fleming ‘20, Political Science major and Italian Minor, from Framingham, MA









I really enjoy expressing how much I love Holy Cross. Also, having been in the position of prospective students before, I know how stressful the application process is, so I would like to ease their concerns about it as well as  give them a better understanding of what Holy Cross is like.

-Maddie Piccione ‘20, Psychology major and Neuroscience minor, from Weston, MA






I love hearing about the different places families come from.  It is exciting to know that some people are so enthusiastic about Holy Cross that they travel for hours just for a tour or info session!

-Emily Mercier ‘21, Undeclared major, from Cumberland, RI

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