“How do you feel you have grown over your time at Holy Cross?”




“I have always been very independent, but I think being a student here has solidified that for me.  From navigating roommate challenges, to studying abroad, to writing a thesis proposal, every aspect of my time here at Holy Cross has taught me how important it is to advocate for yourself and others.”

-Julia Palmerino ‘18, Music and History double major, from Sudbury, MA






“I have learned so much about myself during my time at Holy Cross. One important thing I have realized is that prostration does not only waste other people’s time, it waste my time as well. If I get things done in a timely manner, I have time to relax, stress-free! But I am also still growing.”

-Rosangel Cruz Cabrera ‘18, International Studies Concentration, International Political Economy and Latin America, from Providence, RI






“I feel like I have been able to grow inside and outside the classroom. I have been able to take on a variety of leadership positions and have learned how to work with my peers and also faculty and staff. I also have been challenged in the classroom which has increased my capacity to think.”

-Maggie Scanlon ‘18, History major, Peace and Conflicts Studies concentration, from Wakefield, MA





“I feel like I have developed and grown so much as a person through my time here at HC. This school teaches you so much about the world and I think I’ve become way more open to new ideas and perspectives and much more apt to think about others before thinking of myself.”

-Nina Sparre ‘18, Political Science and Spanish double major, from Holliston, Massachusetts






“Through my four years at Holy Cross, I have not only grown physically, but also spiritually, mentally, globally, geographically, and artistically.”

-Alex Tansey ‘18, Economics major, from Peabody, MA







“I have grown and matured so much as a person over my years at Holy Cross. I have faced challenges that have made me

stronger and I have made wonderful memories that will remain with me forever.”

-Abby Howland ‘18, English major, from Norwell, MA









“I have grown exponentially since my first day at HC. I never would have seen myself as someone who was confident enough to give tours and conduct senior interviews, but here I am! This school forces you to step outside of your comfort zone in so many ways and I am eternally grateful for that.”

-Kelley Kraemer ‘18, Psychology major, Religious Studies minor, from Cincinnati, Ohio








“I have grown intellectually, spiritually, and socially at HC. Their focus on the whole person is so evident in every graduate of this institution.”

-Megan Viera ‘18, Economics and Studio Art double major, from Norwalk, CT








“I have learned to be comfortable not knowing everything and to be confident in my ability to express myself and to explore new experiences.  I have learned to ask more of myself and to be a woman for others.”

-Maeve Westover ‘18, International Studies major, from Boston, MA







“Abundantly. I’ve learned how to prioritize the different aspects of my life when it seems everything is a priority. I love what I study, and I love what I am involved in, and this passion has been a journey from freshman year, where I sort of just had a check-the-box approach to my classes and extracurriculars.”

-Claire Orie ‘18, International Studies and French double major, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration, from Sudbury, MA





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