“What was most worrisome about transitioning to college, and how was this remedied?”


“I was worried about having a random roommate, but my freshman year roommate and I ended up getting along so well; we have roomed together on campus every year since!”

-Alex Aviza ‘18, Political Science major, French minor, from Chicago, IL





I was most worried about not knowing anyone going into school. Not many people from my high school attend Holy Cross so it was a very new experience/environment. This feeling was remedied after summer orientation and meeting a couple of good friends with whom I stayed in contact with over the summer.

-Jeff Warden ‘18, Economics and Spanish double major, from North Andover, MA







“The thing I was most worried about coming to school was making a good group of friends. I think Holy Cross does a really great job with facilitating first-year programs and giving students something to bond over. I remember going home for Thanksgiving Break last year and being so surprised and happy with how many close friends I had already met through these programs.”

-Kate Beckerman ‘20, English major, from Duxbury, MA










“Going to school so far away from home, but once I stepped foot on campus, Holy Cross became my new home! I am glad I chose somewhere that I can truly call home, especially because of all my amazing friends here!”

-Sarah Brink ‘19, Biology major, Pre-Vet track, from Chicago, IL











“Class difficulty was worrisome, however I have formed better study habits through this to make school work go more smoothly”

-Emma DeFrancesco ‘20, Psychology and Spanish double major, from Albany, NY








“I was worried about being incredibly homesick but luckily I was able to feel right at home with this wonderful community and I met so many people in my first few weeks that I am able to call my friends.”

-Liza Goodman ‘21, English and Theatre double major, from Manchester, NY







“I was really worried about not being able to handle the academic stress mostly. A lot of it was resolved by more careful time management, and also going to office hours to seek for help!”

-Karen (Zhiran) Xu ‘19, Music & Computer Science double major, Neuroscience concentration, from Shenzhen, China










“I was most worried about leaving my family, but when I left them at the Mass of the Holy Spirit, I was greeted by so many smiling faces, I knew everything would be great and I would find my home here.”

-Abby Scott ‘20, French and International Studies double major, from Scituate, MA







“I was most worried about the amount of work I would have and balancing my schedule, but I have found countless resources on campus (office hours, calc buddies, ect.) that have helped me stay on track.”

-Olivia Fredrick ‘21, Undeclared major, from Newton, MA








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