U.S. News Ranks Holy Cross as Most Loved School

This just in: U.S. News recently ranked Holy Cross in the top ten “Most Loved Schools” by alumni.

As an alumna of Holy Cross, I am not surprised. Rarely does a week go by that I don’t come across something that makes me proud to call Holy Cross alma mater. A news feature about an accomplished faculty member, a warm conversation with a fellow alumnus, or an encounter with an especially kind or impressive student all serve as frequent reminders of what makes this such a special place.

As an employee, I have the pleasure of working with a dedicated and loyal group of alumni volunteers. Their love for Holy Cross is unwavering and contagious. They support the College in countless ways, and I certainly didn’t need to read U.S. News to know that Holy Cross is beloved by its graduates. Though I don’t often place much faith in rankings, this one rings true, through and through.

I hope that in your own college search, you find the school that you’ll love as much as I love mine.

Lynn Verrecchia
Associate Director of Admissions