Meet Your Summer Tour Guides: Ada Van Wyhe

Ada van Wyhe

Year: 2012

Hometown: Reedley, California

Major(s): History, Pre Law Concentration

Why I love Holy Cross: I am in love with Holy Cross because of the vast amount of opportunities that have been offered to me on this campus, and because the entire Holy Cross community has made my education a true living and learning experience.  Coming from over 3,000 miles away, I arrived to Mount St. James not knowing a single person, and I was immediately embraced by the students and faculty on The Hill.  I feel like my education is truly invaluable and that the Holy Cross community is really invested in my education.  I’m excited by the  study abroad programs, the small class sizes, and even just the fact that it’s a solely undergraduate college.  I love that as a community, we are all working together toward our goals – for now, and for well beyond our four short years here on campus.  (And Spring Weekend is a pretty wicked Holy Cross experience, too!)

Meet Your Summer Tour Guides: Paul Maloney

Paul Maloney

Year: 2012

Hometown: Mansfield, Massachusetts

Major(s): Economics, Mathematics

Why I love Holy Cross:  To me,  HC is all about the people.  Everyone at Holy Cross is so open and so friendly that HC becomes more than a just a college but rather a community.  This sense of community along with an outstanding academic reputation is why I love Holy Cross.

College Visit Tips

It is a scene all too familiar – several families waiting in line at the reception desk in the HC Admissions Office, parents holding copies of the Boston Globe, waiting to inquire about a good place for lunch near campus.

Here’s a word of advice to all those families who take road trips to make college visits.  When you’re on campus, you’re trying to get a sense of what that college is all about  — what it’s like to live there; what it’s like to learn there; what it’s like to spend four years there.  Take advantage of what you have at hand to get the most out of your short time on campus.  Don’t read the Boston Globe and eat lunch at a restaurant.  Read the school newspaper and eat lunch on campus.

Trust me.  You’ll never forget our mac and cheese.

Andrew N. Carter
Associate Director of Admissions

Meet Your Summer Tour Guides: Mary Jo Coughlin

Mary Jo Coughlin

Year: 2013

Hometown: Brookfield, Massachusetts

Major(s): Undeclared (leaning towards Psychology)

Why I love Holy Cross:  I love Holy Cross because of its excellent academic reputation as a small liberal arts college with access to challenging classes and individual attention from professors.  Outside of academics, I have made amazing friendships that I know will be long lasting. Holy Cross also offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, a favorite of which is volunteering at the Nativity School,  a Jesuit middle school for boys in Worcester.  Having recently completed my freshman year,  Holy Cross has met my every expectation.