Taking the Next Step

“Put one foot in front of the other
And soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor
Put one foot in front of the other
And soon you’ll be walking out the door…”


This Mickey Rooney song from Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town popped into my head for a couple of reasons during Holy Cross’ Admitted Student Open House. First of all, the weather at times was frightful. And also, my phone let me know that I took over 20,000 steps and climbed nearly 100 flights of stairs throughout course of the day. 

The concept of putting one foot in front of the other feels apt for Holy Cross’ admitted students this week as well. What an exciting moment in time this is for you. By May 1st you will have selected the institution where you will spend the next four years of your life. You also have prom, senior week activities, graduation, and a whole summer to look forward to.

While it may feel like life is trying to whiz on by, make sure that you take time to pause and reflect in these coming days and weeks. Pause to look around your high school halls and to appreciate the friendships which you have been fortunate enough to forge. Reflect on all that you have learned these past four years and think about how you will bring these lessons onto a college campus in the fall.

Congratulations on your many accomplishments and I hope to see you back on Mount St. James very soon. Now go enjoy the final weeks of your senior year! Soon enough, your name will be called and you’ll be expected to walk across the floor.

“What was most worrisome about transitioning to college, and how was this remedied?”


“I was worried about having a random roommate, but my freshman year roommate and I ended up getting along so well; we have roomed together on campus every year since!”

-Alex Aviza ‘18, Political Science major, French minor, from Chicago, IL





I was most worried about not knowing anyone going into school. Not many people from my high school attend Holy Cross so it was a very new experience/environment. This feeling was remedied after summer orientation and meeting a couple of good friends with whom I stayed in contact with over the summer.

-Jeff Warden ‘18, Economics and Spanish double major, from North Andover, MA







“The thing I was most worried about coming to school was making a good group of friends. I think Holy Cross does a really great job with facilitating first-year programs and giving students something to bond over. I remember going home for Thanksgiving Break last year and being so surprised and happy with how many close friends I had already met through these programs.”

-Kate Beckerman ‘20, English major, from Duxbury, MA










“Going to school so far away from home, but once I stepped foot on campus, Holy Cross became my new home! I am glad I chose somewhere that I can truly call home, especially because of all my amazing friends here!”

-Sarah Brink ‘19, Biology major, Pre-Vet track, from Chicago, IL











“Class difficulty was worrisome, however I have formed better study habits through this to make school work go more smoothly”

-Emma DeFrancesco ‘20, Psychology and Spanish double major, from Albany, NY








“I was worried about being incredibly homesick but luckily I was able to feel right at home with this wonderful community and I met so many people in my first few weeks that I am able to call my friends.”

-Liza Goodman ‘21, English and Theatre double major, from Manchester, NY







“I was really worried about not being able to handle the academic stress mostly. A lot of it was resolved by more careful time management, and also going to office hours to seek for help!”

-Karen (Zhiran) Xu ‘19, Music & Computer Science double major, Neuroscience concentration, from Shenzhen, China










“I was most worried about leaving my family, but when I left them at the Mass of the Holy Spirit, I was greeted by so many smiling faces, I knew everything would be great and I would find my home here.”

-Abby Scott ‘20, French and International Studies double major, from Scituate, MA







“I was most worried about the amount of work I would have and balancing my schedule, but I have found countless resources on campus (office hours, calc buddies, ect.) that have helped me stay on track.”

-Olivia Fredrick ‘21, Undeclared major, from Newton, MA








What is your favorite thing about Holy Cross?




My favorite thing at HC are the variety of clubs and activities available.”

-Allie Silge ‘20, Economics major, Art History minor, from Lake Forest, IL









The size. I love being so close to all my friends because that doesn’t happen on other campuses. I also love the community, especially within academics. Professors are incredibly accessible!”

-Heather Domenicis ‘19, English major, Creative Writing concentration, from Worcester, MA








“My favorite thing about Holy Cross is the loving attitude everyone has towards one another. If you need a hug, someone is always there. If you need help on a paper, someone is always there. If you need someone to talk to, someone is always there.”

-Michaela Fleming ‘20, Political Science major, Italian minor, from Framingham, MA







“My classes! They have all taught me to question more and think deeper, something that has helped me both in and out of the classroom.”

-Emma Liskov ‘21, Undeclared major, from Milford, MA








“My favorite thing about HC is the passion for service shared by most students on campus.”

-Mae Hougo ‘18, Political Science major, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration








“My favorite thing about Holy Cross is the traditions that we have every year. Whether that be the fall fest dinner in Kimball dining hall, the lessons in carols in the chapel right before Christmas or the homecoming weekend football game. All of these events are a time for the Holy Cross community to come together and they are always something that I look forward to each year.”

-Maggie Scanlon ‘18, History major, Peace and Conflicts Studies concentration, from Wakefield, MA






“Getting to take classes in subjects that I normally would not be involved in such as an Anthropology class and Sociology class. Also the Montserrat program. I had a really good Montserrat experience as a whole.”

-Patience Thompson ‘20, English major, from Nashville, TN









“My favorite thing about Holy Cross is the opportunities it has given me, in meeting amazing people and professors, and all the opportunities I will have after graduating.”

-Maeve McNamara ‘20, Political Science major, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration, from Brewster, MA








“My favorite thing about Holy Cross is the dedication to academics and the close attention that the professors give to each student.”

-William Crowley ‘20, Chemistry major, Pre-med track, from Ridgefield, CT









“The professors.  They are consistently brilliant and wonderful people, and I have felt supported and challenged by each and every professor I have had in class.”

-Julia Palmerino ‘18, History and Music double major, from Sudbury, MA








100% the community. The community aspect of Holy Cross is amazing, which definitely makes it stand out from other schools.”

-Connor Durkin ‘18, Psychology Major, from Merrimac, MA








“What did you learn at Holy Cross that you will take with you into the real world?”



I have learned that the skills that got you to a certain point in your life are not necessarily going to keep you there, and they won’t help you grow. It is so important to be constantly changing as a student and as an individual, questioning the world around you, and enjoying the opportunities you are presented.”

-Alex Aviza ‘18, Political Science major, French minor, from Chicago, IL





“I think my time at Holy Cross has taught me the importance of context and perspective.  This is built into the liberal arts curriculum and the Jesuit ideals, but particularly as a history major I think I have discovered the importance of thinking critically and understanding different points of view on a given issue.  This broad approach to learning and thinking is something I will absolutely carry with me into the world.”

-Julia Palermino ‘18, History and Music double major, from Sudbury, MA







“I have learned how to be more independent and how to take on more challenging responsibilities.”

-Megan Nementh ‘18, Psychology and Sociology double major, from Charleston, SC








“I have learned that many things can change in four years that will challenge you. These challenges may feel overwhelming at the time, but will ultimately help you become a better person. Also, I’ve learned that four years is too short!”

-Tom Cimini ‘18, Psychology major, Neuroscience minor, from Pittsfield, MA









“That everyone’s contribution to your surroundings helps the community thrive.”

-Ian Robertson ‘18, Economics major, from Beverly, MA








“It would take me hours to answer this completely, but to put simply, I have learned that life will pass you by if you don’t slow down through the madness, spend your days with those who brighten your days, and genuinely care about what you are doing – be it homework, a Rehm event, or anything else. Don’t be indifferent – life is too short.”

-Clare Orie ‘18, International Studies major, French minor, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration, from Sudbury, MA








“Genuine interest in other people. Everyone has something special about them the world ought to know, and I feel as though by being surrounded by so many kind and caring people at HC, I have fostered a similar desire to get to know this something special in everyone I meet.”

-Megan Viera ‘18, Economics and Studio Art double major, from Norwalk, CT








“I’ve learned to think critically and analytically and to use a variety of different lenses when considering a certain situation. I will undoubtedly take this open minded attitude with me post grad.”

-Kelley Kraemer ‘18, Psychology major, Religious Studies minor, from Cincinnati, Ohio









“I learned how interconnected my education can be, and those collaborative skills I will take with me into the workplace and world.”

-Mae Hougo ‘18, Political Science major, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration, from Saint Paul, MN








“As cliche as it may sound, I really learned how to be a woman for and with others. The college’s mission, my professors, and my peers have shown me how and why it is so important to be kind and to care for others. I am much more aware of how a smile, holding a door, or a kind word can really make a huge impact on others.”

-Nina Sparre ‘18, Political Science and Spanish double major, from Holliston, Massachusetts







“How do you feel you have grown over your time at Holy Cross?”




“I have always been very independent, but I think being a student here has solidified that for me.  From navigating roommate challenges, to studying abroad, to writing a thesis proposal, every aspect of my time here at Holy Cross has taught me how important it is to advocate for yourself and others.”

-Julia Palmerino ‘18, Music and History double major, from Sudbury, MA






“I have learned so much about myself during my time at Holy Cross. One important thing I have realized is that prostration does not only waste other people’s time, it waste my time as well. If I get things done in a timely manner, I have time to relax, stress-free! But I am also still growing.”

-Rosangel Cruz Cabrera ‘18, International Studies Concentration, International Political Economy and Latin America, from Providence, RI






“I feel like I have been able to grow inside and outside the classroom. I have been able to take on a variety of leadership positions and have learned how to work with my peers and also faculty and staff. I also have been challenged in the classroom which has increased my capacity to think.”

-Maggie Scanlon ‘18, History major, Peace and Conflicts Studies concentration, from Wakefield, MA





“I feel like I have developed and grown so much as a person through my time here at HC. This school teaches you so much about the world and I think I’ve become way more open to new ideas and perspectives and much more apt to think about others before thinking of myself.”

-Nina Sparre ‘18, Political Science and Spanish double major, from Holliston, Massachusetts






“Through my four years at Holy Cross, I have not only grown physically, but also spiritually, mentally, globally, geographically, and artistically.”

-Alex Tansey ‘18, Economics major, from Peabody, MA







“I have grown and matured so much as a person over my years at Holy Cross. I have faced challenges that have made me

stronger and I have made wonderful memories that will remain with me forever.”

-Abby Howland ‘18, English major, from Norwell, MA









“I have grown exponentially since my first day at HC. I never would have seen myself as someone who was confident enough to give tours and conduct senior interviews, but here I am! This school forces you to step outside of your comfort zone in so many ways and I am eternally grateful for that.”

-Kelley Kraemer ‘18, Psychology major, Religious Studies minor, from Cincinnati, Ohio








“I have grown intellectually, spiritually, and socially at HC. Their focus on the whole person is so evident in every graduate of this institution.”

-Megan Viera ‘18, Economics and Studio Art double major, from Norwalk, CT








“I have learned to be comfortable not knowing everything and to be confident in my ability to express myself and to explore new experiences.  I have learned to ask more of myself and to be a woman for others.”

-Maeve Westover ‘18, International Studies major, from Boston, MA







“Abundantly. I’ve learned how to prioritize the different aspects of my life when it seems everything is a priority. I love what I study, and I love what I am involved in, and this passion has been a journey from freshman year, where I sort of just had a check-the-box approach to my classes and extracurriculars.”

-Claire Orie ‘18, International Studies and French double major, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration, from Sudbury, MA





“What was something you looked forward to experiencing at Holy Cross?”




“I was excited to be a member of such a close-knit, passionate intellectual community.”

-Julia Palmerino ‘18, History and Music double major, from Sudbury, MA







I most looked forward to the rigorous liberal arts education that Holy Cross offers. As a senior in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to study and I was excited to explore a myriad of options at Holy Cross.”

-Jeff Warden ‘18, Economics and Spanish double major, from North Andover, MA







“Having class, studying, and doing research in the awesome science complex.”

-Tom Cimini ‘18, Psychology Major and Neuroscience Minor, from Pittsfield, MA










“I loved that Holy Cross was like its own community.  When I first came to the campus, I saw people walking by and saying hi to one another, working on homework together, and just talking and having fun.  For me, the best part of Holy Cross is that it is so small. You get to really know the people around you and, in turn, form an even stronger attachment to the community itself.”

-Talia Spirito ‘21, Undeclared major, from Cranston, Rhode Island








“As I was looking at different Colleges and Universities, I was looking closely at the Pre-Med programs.  Holy Cross’s Medical school acceptance rate is one of the highest in the country and more than double the national average.”

-Jennifer Jackson ‘19, Accounting major Anthropology minor, Pre-Business Track, from Newton, MA









“I looked forward to the opportunity to become involved in the Worcester community. Through CBL and SPUD, I have been able to meet amazing people from Worcester who have made a large impact on my life.”

-Olivia Ferrick ‘20, Psychology major, from Kennebunk, Maine










“The thing I most looked forward to experiencing at Holy Cross was being able to take advantage of their research programs to participate in meaningful research.”

-William Crowley ‘20, Psychology major, from Shrewsbury, MA









“I was really excited about attending the sporting events. I was so excited to join Sader Nation and bleed purple!”

-Maddy Glynn ‘18, Psychology major, Pre-Health track, from Rochester, New York