“What did you learn at Holy Cross that you will take with you into the real world?”



I have learned that the skills that got you to a certain point in your life are not necessarily going to keep you there, and they won’t help you grow. It is so important to be constantly changing as a student and as an individual, questioning the world around you, and enjoying the opportunities you are presented.”

-Alex Aviza ‘18, Political Science major, French minor, from Chicago, IL





“I think my time at Holy Cross has taught me the importance of context and perspective.  This is built into the liberal arts curriculum and the Jesuit ideals, but particularly as a history major I think I have discovered the importance of thinking critically and understanding different points of view on a given issue.  This broad approach to learning and thinking is something I will absolutely carry with me into the world.”

-Julia Palermino ‘18, History and Music double major, from Sudbury, MA







“I have learned how to be more independent and how to take on more challenging responsibilities.”

-Megan Nementh ‘18, Psychology and Sociology double major, from Charleston, SC








“I have learned that many things can change in four years that will challenge you. These challenges may feel overwhelming at the time, but will ultimately help you become a better person. Also, I’ve learned that four years is too short!”

-Tom Cimini ‘18, Psychology major, Neuroscience minor, from Pittsfield, MA









“That everyone’s contribution to your surroundings helps the community thrive.”

-Ian Robertson ‘18, Economics major, from Beverly, MA








“It would take me hours to answer this completely, but to put simply, I have learned that life will pass you by if you don’t slow down through the madness, spend your days with those who brighten your days, and genuinely care about what you are doing – be it homework, a Rehm event, or anything else. Don’t be indifferent – life is too short.”

-Clare Orie ‘18, International Studies major, French minor, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration, from Sudbury, MA








“Genuine interest in other people. Everyone has something special about them the world ought to know, and I feel as though by being surrounded by so many kind and caring people at HC, I have fostered a similar desire to get to know this something special in everyone I meet.”

-Megan Viera ‘18, Economics and Studio Art double major, from Norwalk, CT








“I’ve learned to think critically and analytically and to use a variety of different lenses when considering a certain situation. I will undoubtedly take this open minded attitude with me post grad.”

-Kelley Kraemer ‘18, Psychology major, Religious Studies minor, from Cincinnati, Ohio









“I learned how interconnected my education can be, and those collaborative skills I will take with me into the workplace and world.”

-Mae Hougo ‘18, Political Science major, Peace and Conflict Studies concentration, from Saint Paul, MN








“As cliche as it may sound, I really learned how to be a woman for and with others. The college’s mission, my professors, and my peers have shown me how and why it is so important to be kind and to care for others. I am much more aware of how a smile, holding a door, or a kind word can really make a huge impact on others.”

-Nina Sparre ‘18, Political Science and Spanish double major, from Holliston, Massachusetts







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