What will you leave behind?


As our senior class is getting ready to leave Mount Saint James, I’d like to share some reflections from our senior intern, Madison (Maddy) Smith.


written by Madison Smith ’17

Over the last four years I’ve heard it time and time again, “Enjoy your time while you have it.”  Not only from Holy Cross alumni, but from my family and friends who have moved on to the real world.  It’s so easy to think you’ll be here forever, or that you can always do something new or better next year.  Until, you can’t.  It’s easy for me to say, “don’t take it for granted.”  But it’ll probably be more helpful to tell you what to enjoy and what are some of the special things I will be leaving behind.  So Holy Cross, here are the things I will be leaving on the hill for all of you.

Holy Cross has not only provided me with the academic tools to carry me into the world, but has given me a plethora of memories and stories for the rest of my life.  I’m sorry to say that it would be a challenge for me to remember one book I read in my first semester CRAW class freshman year.  But, I can still vividly remember the first time it snowed enough to go sledding by freshman field, or the first time it was nice enough to sit and pretend to be doing work in the Hoval.  The first thing I’ll leave behind for future classes will be the special backdrop to all those memories that is Holy Cross.  Hills and all, from a late night in Dinand to a rough morning in Kimball, campus almost seems to be constructed in a perfect way to make memories for a lifetime.  Don’t wish yourself off campus too soon, or run to study in a Starbucks café, try to enjoy the setting and the people around you.  All those places have been for so many and will be for you the places where your best stories are lived.

Next, I will happily take, but also leave the ever so lucky opportunity for life long best friends.  The people of Holy Cross really seem to be the best and I plan to have them surrounding me for a very long time.  After shortly falling in love with school and not being afraid to tell everyone and anyone I could find, someone told me that I had finally “drank the HC Kool-Aid.”  I absolutely did and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t.  The people and the community at Holy Cross are truly the Red Dye #3 that makes that sugary drink so great.  I’ll be taking my friends from the Class of 2017 with me, but I can assure you there and there always will be a friendly face around, and more likely than not someone you will take with you when you leave as well.

It’s hard for me to tell you to enjoy it and to not wish it away.  As I’m writing this now I have a countdown in my head of things to get done, classes and practices left.  But, what you can do is remember how special of a place Holy Cross is and realize sooner rather than later that it won’t last forever.  Which is fine! (I hope!)  But, along the way take the time to think about how lucky you are, to be thankful for where you are, to write it down or take a picture, because one day you’ll only be so lucky to tell people about the times you had.  Be sure to remember how wonderful it is while you’re still on Mount St. James.