Meet Your Summer Tour Guides: Ashley Noel

Hometown: Sutton, MA

Year: Soon to be Senior

Major: History and French,  Prelaw

Activities: Purple Key Society, Summer Study Abroad in Paris 2010, member of Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society) and Pi Delta Phi (French Honor Society)

Why I love Holy Cross:  I love Holy Cross because of the overall atmosphere and community that you find here on campus. I was initially drawn to Holy Cross because of its academic reputation, but I knew I wanted to come here when I visited campus and immediately felt at home. Holy Cross is a small enough school that you will see your friends around campus, but you’ll still meet new people every day, whether it’s walking around campus between classes, sitting in Kimball, or going to a foreign country with a group of students you’ve never met before. As a rising senior, I’m still friends with many of the people that I met during my first year here, but I still meet new people every day. Holy Cross has exceeded every expectation that I had coming into college, both academically and socially.

Contagious Symptoms!

Before you run for the hills or close out of this web browser, I should let you know that what I’ve got, you want.  I have a bad case of the College Interview Bug (or CIB for short).  Symptoms of CIB include:

1.        An irresistible urge to discover any or all colleges/universities in which you are interested which offer an Admissions Interview. You will stay up late at night to search these colleges’ websites.  You will call up Admissions Offices during your lunch break at your summer job to inquire about the details of the interview.  You won’t be able to help yourself until you have nailed down each college and university; it will just feel right.  CIB will take control of your motor functions and bring you on tours, plop you down in information sessions, and brag about your accomplishments during interviews.  It will have your body running on auto-pilot.

2.       An insatiable desire to speak with Admissions representatives like myself. You will sign up for those interview slots and count the seconds until you are able to present yourself in all your glory to the Admissions office at X University and/or Y College.  You cannot fathom waiting any longer to converse with these representatives because you need to tell them how your summer is going and how excited you are for a busy Senior year.

3.       A lingering thirst for continued interaction with representatives even after the interview. You will insist on keeping those representatives at your top college/university choices informed on your activities throughout Senior year.  Yes, Senior year will be busy, but you will toss and turn in bed at night until you shoot off a quick email once every month to touch base with those Admissions representatives.

The thought of catching CIB might sound unappealing upon reading this blog, but CIB is a pandemic.  It seems that current Juniors (soon to be Seniors) are most susceptible to CIB.   Like Hay-Fever, CIB appears mostly in the summer and it is communicable by word of mouth.  Don’t be afraid to pass it on to others as CIB forms a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with each host.  Like I said from the get-go, you want what I’ve got.

Dan Weagle ’08
Admissions  Counselor