Reflections on a Year in Admissions

As a newer member of the Admissions Office at Holy Cross,  I’d like to share some of my impressions about my first year:

1. I really appreciate the committee process and the fact that 13 of us make a decision on every applicant together.

2. It is a democratic process. Each person has a vote and every vote helped shape the class of 2015.

3. We spend a lot of time on each applicant.  In the committee room, we discussed the positive attributes of each applicant and looked at each application holistically before voting. Hearing the different opinions and viewpoints of my colleagues taught me to  recognize what it is to be a competitive college applicant,  and what it means to be a “fit” for Holy Cross.

4. We read your essay. I found the most common question in committee was, “Can we see the essay again?” After making tough decisions all day, I found that a sweet, endearing, or funny essay could really lift the  mood of the room.

My favorite memory from this year occurred when a student, whom I met on the road and interviewed on campus, stopped by my office with a smile on her face and a deposit slip in her hand.  She could not wait to tell me she would be joining the class of 2015!

I look forward to meeting the 2016 hopefuls.

Krystle Leveille
Admissions  Counselor

Thanksgiving Break Suggestions

Thanksgiving break is only days away and, while it may be tempting to eat the turkey and give into napping your vacation away, it is also a great time to work on those college applications. If you are submitting your application ED, then this is the perfect time to read over that essay one more time before the December 15th Early Decision deadline.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV, call upon your relatives to proof read your  essay. They will most likely approach your work with a fresh perspective that mom, dad, or even siblings may have lost by the 6th time reading your college essay. Perhaps your cousin, who is just back from his first semester of college, can give you some great editing tips that will make your essay that much more exciting.

Use your extra time to polish your college applications or even add supplements.  An art, theater, or music supplement may be one more great way to show Admissions your personality and interests. With a 4 day weekend, you could easily put together a portfolio or even record your musical performances. The application season can fly by so use this extra time when you are not busy with school work or extra-curricular activities to get ahead of the deadlines that are lurking after Christmas.

Krystle Leveille

Admissions Counselor

Asking About Financial Aid

As a new Admissions Counselor I am really enjoying my time on the road visiting different student and high schools around the country. I just got back from Atlanta where I saw a lot of amazing students and really enjoyed the beautiful (but hot!) weather. However, in my travel I have come across a lot of commonly asked questions.

The first question I am always asked is usually about scholarships at Holy Cross. My response is always the same: “We have limited merit aid options because we are a financial aid based school. However, should you apply for aid,  we meet 100% of your family’s demonstrated need.”

Nonetheless, students seem to think that Holy Cross is a financially unreachable goal when they hear that scholarships are limited. What I have to tell you is that you should never cross a college/university off of your list because of the “sticker price” of the school. Look into each school’s financial aid or merit scholarship options and do research on different colleges’ financial aid packages. Try reaching out to some financial aid offices as well. You may be pleasantly surprised and learn that colleges that seemed out of reach financially are affordable options with great aid packages.

A better question to ask these different college representatives when you see them at a fair or high school is “What kind of aid do you offer: financial aid or merit scholarships? Could you also tell me more about the specific type of aid your school offers?”

Krystle Leveille

Admissions Counselor

Newest Admissions Counselor Krystle Allen

IMG_6796 - krystleMy name is Krystle Allen and I am an Admissions Counselor here at Holy Cross. Having recently graduated with my master’s degree, I am new to the staff and all too familiar with the college search! My graduate studies degree, in Cinema and Media Studies, turned me into a movie buff. I love to watch old movies and catch all of Hollywood’s new releases at the theater on Friday nights. I am also busy planning a wedding this summer and, while I am enjoying spring at Holy Cross, I cannot wait to be enjoying my honeymoon in Italy! Watch out because come August I will be Krystle Leveille.

I am excited to be a part of the Holy Cross Admissions department and, while I am blown away by the college’s academic rigor, I am even more impressed with the caring and dedicated community. I feel that our job in Admissions is to provide the college with an academic and social community. After being here only a few months, I truly understand how important my job is and feel lucky to be a part of such an outstanding community.

Though I have been living in Chicago for the past year, I am excited to return home to New England. I have lived in the Worcester area most of my life and I am happy to not only help students discover all the opportunities Holy Cross has to offer, but also to experience all that New England and Worcester have to offer.

I hope to hear from any interested student this summer at an info session, interview, or even an e-mail. If not, perhaps I will see you this fall when I travel to Georgia and other great states! Good luck in the college search. I know it can seem like a daunting process, but we are here to help you!


Krystle Allen

Admissions Counselor