Asking About Financial Aid

As a new Admissions Counselor I am really enjoying my time on the road visiting different student and high schools around the country. I just got back from Atlanta where I saw a lot of amazing students and really enjoyed the beautiful (but hot!) weather. However, in my travel I have come across a lot of commonly asked questions.

The first question I am always asked is usually about scholarships at Holy Cross. My response is always the same: “We have limited merit aid options because we are a financial aid based school. However, should you apply for aid,  we meet 100% of your family’s demonstrated need.”

Nonetheless, students seem to think that Holy Cross is a financially unreachable goal when they hear that scholarships are limited. What I have to tell you is that you should never cross a college/university off of your list because of the “sticker price” of the school. Look into each school’s financial aid or merit scholarship options and do research on different colleges’ financial aid packages. Try reaching out to some financial aid offices as well. You may be pleasantly surprised and learn that colleges that seemed out of reach financially are affordable options with great aid packages.

A better question to ask these different college representatives when you see them at a fair or high school is “What kind of aid do you offer: financial aid or merit scholarships? Could you also tell me more about the specific type of aid your school offers?”

Krystle Leveille

Admissions Counselor

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