Back to School, Back to the Blog

The end of August marks a particularly busy time at Holy Cross.  The fresh-faced students are back and the quiet of the summer is behind us.   We’re interviewing like crazy, making the final adjustments to our travel schedules, and preparing to get on the road to meet all of you at your high schools and at college fairs.

Now is also the time we begin posting to the admissions blog with more frequency…so get excited! Our blog is intended to make the college admissions process a bit more transparent, and perhaps a bit more fun for all of you.  Please feel free to navigate our blog by perusing through the archives on our blog’s main page.  By doing so, you can learn about interviewing, essay-writing, submitting your test scores, and a wide array of other admissions specific advice directly from the mouths of the admissions officers that evaluate your applications.

If there is something specific you’d like to hear more about, please feel free to get in touch with me at    Your feedback is helpful!

We look forward to seeing you this fall.

Julia Sanders
Assistant  Director of Admissions

The Cupertino Effect

If you search the website of the United Nations, you’ll find a fascinating article on African-German Cupertino; in another article, you can read about peace education that stresses participation, problem solving and Cupertino.

Still have time on your hands?  Another search will bring you to an article on political, economic and trade Cupertino in the Balkans.

What is Cupertino, you ask?

Well, it’s a city in California.  But for our purposes, it’s proof that spell-check is not always correct.

You see, early versions of spell-check did not recognize the word “cooperation”; it only knew the word to be spelled with a hyphen: “co-operation”.  Like any misspelled word, spell check recommended alternative spellings, the first of which was the now famous town in California.  Inattentive writers (even in the UN!) frequently hit “change all” without proof reading the spell-check selection.

The lesson here?  Today is August 18th and the Common Application has been available for a few weeks. As you begin working on your essay, remember that spell-check is a handy tool but that your eyes and the eyes of a proofreader with perspective are the only way to make sure that your thoughts come across effectively.

Thank you for your Cupertino.

Andrew N. Carter

Associate Director of Admissions

Eight Reasons to Log on to One of HC’s Online Chats

1.  Show your interest in HC without having to climb the hills

2.  Ask the question you were too embarrassed to ask during your campus tour or information session

3.  Hear about the “real” HC from current students

4.  Perfect your speed reading skills–our chats move fast!

5.  Get the inside scoop on the admission process from admission counselors

6.  Socialize with other prospective students.  You may be classmates someday!

7.  Work on becoming a master typist.  Those college essays won’t type themselves!

8.  Have your parents think you’re hard at work on your homework when you’re really having a great time with us

Our next online chat for prospective students is Wednesday August 11 from 7pm-10pm EST

Lynn Verrecchia

Associate Director of Admissions