Tips for Your Next Campus Visit



The summer is a great time to visit college campuses and get an idea of what the school is like. Below are some tips to help make your visit a successful one.


What to do:

– Ask questions about what interests you! Your tour guide would love to share their student perspective.

– Answer questions if the tour guide asks. Be interactive!

– Be prepared. Wear appropriate footwear for a tour because you will be walking around a lot. HC is very hill-y and has a lot of stairs. Don’t forget to bring water on those hot summer days.

– Arrive early to have enough time to check-in or use the restroom. Tours leave promptly at the time stated.

– Arrange accommodations. If you need special accommodations such as a wheelchair, arrange it with the office before arriving to campus.

– Don’t be shy. Ask to be directed to other sources for more information. Or ask your tour guide for their email if you have follow up questions.


What not to do:

– Use your phone or answer a phone call. It can be distracting for others who are trying to enjoy the tour and even your tour guide.

– Walk away from the group. It is difficult for a guide to keep track of everyone or hold up the group by waiting for someone who wandered off. Allow extra time after your tour to explore the campus.

– Interrupt your guide while they are speaking. Once they are finished, they will be available for questions.

– Fall behind. It is difficult for tour guides to speak loudly enough for everyone to hear, especially if people are falling behind.

– Get frustrated. Try to keep calm and not get annoyed with the tour guide. They do their best to answer all of your questions honestly and to the best of their knowledge.

– Ask personal questions. They are willing to answer questions related to the College, but please respect their privacy.


Good questions to ask your tour guide:

  1. What made you choose your major/minor/concentration?
  2. What is your favorite thing about Holy Cross or Worcester?
  3. What are you involved in on campus?
  4. What have you learned at HC that you will take with you beyond your college years?
  5. What is the benefit of a liberal arts education?
  6. In what aspects of campus life are Jesuit values most evident? What about social life, academics or religion?


Want more out of your tour? Check out our Summer Tour Guide’s HC Visit Bucket List!

  1. Visit the bookstore.
  2. Walk around and watch students interact with one another. (Get an authentic feel of the student body.)
  3. Visit the dining hall.
  4. Visit the athletic center.
  5. If you see a professor or student walking by, stop them and ask them some questions.