Sader Summer Scoop: Efrain Lozano ’19




Name: Efrain Lozano

Major/Minor/Concentration: Spanish and International Studies double major

Graduation Year: 2019

What are you doing this summer?: Internship





What exactly are you doing?: I am the Original Content/Features Intern at the National Football League (NFL) in Culver City, CA. Basically I help create original stories from players, teams, etc. In which the fans could relate to and somehow connect with our organization. I do research packets on each story I’m out in charge of and from there gather and compile footage that is sent to the producers and editors to cut it and put it together. I also get to sit through the edits of the stories I help put together, and sometimes even be present for the shoots.

How did you hear about this opportunity?: My own research as well through Crusader Connections.

What are you most excited about doing within this program?: I’m excited to be able to get the first hand experience of the ins and outs of the NFL. Having the opportunity to have that hand on experience with one of the biggest organizations in the world is great. In addition, having the opportunity to meet and network with so many important people, as it will prepare me to deal with these important people once I graduate from HC.

What are you hoping to gain from your experience?: I hope that after this experience, I am able to grow both professionally and personally. I think that this opportunity is great in the sense that I am taken very serious as if I were a regular employee. This pushes me to try my best every single day I’m in the office, so I definitely know this is a great start for my future career.

Do you have any advice for prospective students thinking about doing an internship?: Take advantage of every single opportunity you have to network with people from every department. You never know who you will meet at your internship, so always ask questions and be ready to put yourself outside of your comfort zone, that will give you the best experience.

When you were in high school, did you expect to have this opportunity in college?: Definitely not! I never imagined that I was going to work for such organization or even meet NFL players one-on-one.