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Suzanne Hi everyone!

My name is Suzanne Timmons and I am an Admissions Counselor here in the Admissions Office at Holy Cross. In July of 2006 I was fortunate enough to join the Admissions Staff and my experience here has been everything I hoped it would be. I could not be more pleased with the opportunity that Holy Cross has given me to work with both great colleagues and talented prospective students.

Outside of my life in admissions, I love heading back to my hometown of Norwell, Massachusetts to spend time with my family. Recently, we’ve welcomed a new addition to the Timmons clan, a yellow Labrador Retriever named Lulu. When I do make it home for a visit, my family gives me the honor of making sure that Lulu gets some much needed exercise. Having a burly puppy around the house has forced me to get back into the sport of running (one of my favorite high school and college sports) and on select Saturdays you may just find me hitting the pavement with Lulu in tow. We typically finish up our Saturday runs by heading to the nearest Dunkin Donuts where I can have my fix of Hazelnut iced coffee (yes, I am addicted) and where Lulu can indulge in one plain munchkin (I guess it’s not a secret anymore) 🙂

Speaking of hitting the pavement, in less than a week I will be heading out of Worcester to visit with students like you! My travel territories include St. Louis, Maryland, Virginia, the Chicago suburbs and portions of Massachusetts.

As you continue with your college search, don’t be nervous of the unfamiliar. You should know that we recognize how hard you work on applications and essays, and we are here to work just as hard for you. Please take advantage by asking as many questions and gathering as much information as possible. We’ll definitely get you an answer, and if nothing more, point you to our fun website. We specialize in helping you find out as much as you can to know if this is the undeniable school for you. Good luck and I look forward to working with you during your college application process!

Suzanne R. Timmons
Admissions Counselor

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