College application advice: visit campus & have an interview

Jrichardson Hi everyone!  Thanks for checking out the new Admissions blog!  This is a great way for you to learn more about us and our travels throughout the process.  Our collective goal is to also offer you some useful advice we hope will ease some of the inevitable anxiety which always seems to surround this process.  Check in often – – we hope to be posting a lot of entries!

So .. who’s that Jim guy anyway?  I was born and raised in Southbury, Connecticut, attended public schools for the duration of my upbringing, and then headed off to Rhode Island to College in 1988.  I returned to Connecticut briefly after graduating in 1992, but by 1995 I had headed back to Rhode Island to begin my Admissions career.  By now, its safe to presume I’m an Admissions ‘lifer’.  I’ve been visiting high schools, reading applications, doing interviews, and helping students and families through their respective process ever since.  I joined the Admissions staff at Holy Cross in the fall of 1999, and have served the College as the Associate Director of Admission for the last 3 years.  I currently live in Lincoln, Rhode Island with my wife and daughter. Although my daughter is only 20 months old and just now beginning to speak, we’ve been practicing – – "Go Crusaders!".

If you haven’t yet been to visit campus, I would highly encourage you to come to Worcester to see it!  We have a very beautiful 174 acre hillside campus which has won two first-place prizes for ‘best landscaped campus in the nation’.  While on campus, we hope you feel the strong sense of community we all cherish so much.  Spend a few hours there … have lunch … speak to students and staff … have an Admissions interview … all will be important experiences for you to have.

Thank you for your continued interest in the College of the Holy Cross.  We’ll look forward to many opportunities to meet you throughout your college search and selection process; best of luck!

James Richardson
Associate Director of Admissions

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