New Science Complex at Holy Cross

Pmaloney So, I’ve been back in the office this week after two weeks of travel, but trying to catch up on everything that happened while I’ve been gone has been a bit difficult and time consuming.  Today, however, I did get a chance to take a quick walk around campus on a nice Fall afternoon with two of my Admissions co-workers, Ali and Amanda.  We took a stroll over the construction site of the new science building on campus and watched as construction workers moved, pulled, pushed, and hoisted parts of what will become a wonderful new addition to our science facilities.  Today was the “Topping Out” ceremony for the new building.  Apparently, the ceremony is a longstanding tradition in the construction industry, in which a fir tree and an American flag are placed on a steel beam and after the beam has been signed by the people involved in the project, it is lifted to the top of the building and is permanently set in place by the ironworkers.  As members of the HC community, Amanda, Ali and I were excited to sign the beam knowing that it will be there for a very, very long time.  Now, we all look forward to going into the new building in January 2009!  For those of you interested in possibly pursing the sciences in college, check out this link on the Science Complex and read all about it!

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Patrick Maloney ’02
Assistant Director of Admissions

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