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Drew You’ve worked four long years in high school – history term papers, trig exams, chemistry labs, art projects, summer reading quizzes – and then finally, senior year, you tackle the Common Application.  You write your name, address, mom’s name, dad’s name, high school’s name, etc.  Then it’s time for the short answer – you rack your brain for an experience, an activity that you can talk about in 150 words or fewer that will be impressive to the admissions officer and reflective of your interests.  And then, the final push, you sit down to write the essay.  But someone gave you good advice, so you listen to your sparrow and write an essay of which you feel proud.

You click “SUBMIT”.


In school the next day, you feel invigorated, relieved that the application is done.  You’ve regained the pep in your step.  In the hallway on the way to first period, you tell a friend that you finally submitted your application to College X.

“Did you finish the supplement?” your friend replies.

“Supplement?  There’s a supplement?  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!”

When will it ever be enough?

The Admissions Office at Holy Cross is here to say that you’ve done enough.  We do not require a supplement to the Common Application.  We know you’ve worked hard in high school and we don’t need you to prove anything else nor write any more essays.  We congratulate you on getting this far in your senior year.

Click “SUBMIT”.

Feel the relief.

Andrew N Carter
Associate Director of Admissions

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