:  The wait will soon be over! I am guessing at this point, most of you are alternating between counting down the last days of your high school career and stalking the mailman, waiting for those decision letters to begin arriving.  If you have a moment however, and are willing to tear yourself away from anxiously checking your inbox or dreaming about prom, we’d like to hear from you. Having just finished up the college application process, we’d love to get some feedback on what you enjoyed about it, what you found to be the most stressful part(s), etc.  Do you feel Holy Cross specifically, or colleges generally, could have been more helpful, and if so, what form would that extra help have taken?  E-mail (subject heading: Senior Feedback) and let us know how you found navigating the college application “jungle”.

:  Though I know many of you will find this hard to believe, next month begins our cycle with you (April Information Sessions run Monday-Friday, April 1-29 at 11:15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.,  As you begin the college process in earnest, we’re also interested in hearing from you.  Please send us an e-mail (, Subject Heading: Junior Feedback) and let us know your thoughts on the journey ahead of you.  What are you excited about? What are you dreading?  Is there anything you think we could do to assist you as you maneuver through the search for a college home?

Kelli Powell
Assistant Director of Admissions

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