Greetings from the Hill

Hi Everyone!

My name is Suzanne Timmons and I am an Assistant Director of Admission here at Holy Cross. I joined the Admissions Staff in July of 2006 and my experience here has been everything that I hoped that it would be. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been impressed with the Holy Cross students I’ve met and the stories they have to tell. I hope that in your college search you’ll be equally as impressed with the things Holy Cross can offer you.

Life both inside and outside of admissions has been busy these days with preparing for my annual admission’s travel while also helping my younger sister move into her first year of college and preparing for my older brother’s wedding.

Speaking of travel, next week I’ll be hitting the road and visiting with students all over Missouri, Illinois, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Massachusetts. I hope to see you somewhere during the journey.

As you continue with your college search, don’t be nervous of the unfamiliar. You should know that we recognize how hard you work on applications and essays, and we are here to work just as hard for you. Please take advantage by asking as many questions and gathering as much information as possible. We’ll definitely get you an answer, and if nothing more, point you to our fun website. We specialize in helping you find out as much as you can to know if this is the undeniable school for you. Good luck and I look forward to working with you during your college application process!

Suzanne R. Timmons
Assistant Director of Admissions

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