Open House Reflections – Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions!

Thanks to all of you who came out to Open House on Sunday, October 5th.
It was so nice to see all of your smiling faces (sometimes for the second or third time!)  And, for those of you who missed it – fear not!  We’re holding a second one on November 16th,  from 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM.  You can register in advance online.

Open House is our “one stop shop” for experiencing life at Holy Cross.  You and your family can take a campus tour;  sit in on faculty, student, and admissions panels;  talk to representatives from various clubs, organizations, and athletic teams;  and most importantly,  sample the food!

And now for some reflection and advice:

While I spoke to many wonderful students and parents with many wonderful questions, at times it felt like I wasn’t getting enough questions. I left Open House wondering if I somehow came across as more intimidating than I had previously considered. I mean, I suppose the hefty 6’4 stature, guns of steel, and world champion logger status could throw you,  but I’m actually quite warm and smiley when you get to know me. I kid, I kid (I’m actually rather lanky and clumsy), but I kid to drive home my point:   Colleges host Open Houses and other similar programs specifically to give you the opportunity to get your questions answered. We know that trying to decide on where to apply to college can be a very overwhelming and stressful process. And the guidebooks, independent counselors, school counselors, and best friend’s sister’s of the world only know so much.  So be smart consumers, and take advantage of the people in the know.  We are here to help. And we are not scary.

Julia Sanders
Admissions Counselor

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