Tis the Season….For Reading Applications!

You’ve finally scaled the cliff that is first semester senior year. SATs are behind you, essays are edited, and recommendation letters are signed, sealed and delivered. As you hold your breathe and finally convince yourself to click submit on the application, You’re there. You’ve reached the summit. It’s now out of your hands and into ours.

As you wait, we begin furiously reading your applications and working to make decisions on our applicants. We’re buckled down in the office or at home in some of our most comfortable clothes and each day we read about all of the wonderful things you’ve accomplished in your lives. For me, I love every minute of it. All of the counselors at Holy Cross have spent months on the road, meeting with students and guidance counselors, and conducting several interviews hearing about your high school experiences. After this journey, for me, reading applications is when everything comes together. It’s the first time that I get to see all that an applicant has submitted and all that he or she can potentially bring to Holy Cross. So while it takes a long time to get through these applications, its time well spent. We try to put as much thought and time into evaluating an application as you put into making it shine. Tis the Season, thanks for applying!

Suzanne R. Timmons
Assistant Director of Admissions

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