Admissions Director: Selection Process Nears End

AnnmcdermottOnce again, the twelve members of the Admissions Committee will gather in an impossibly small room, coffee in hand, to discuss and debate the remaining applicants for the Class of 2013.  We are almost done.

As I reflect back over the past few weeks, I am struck by the overall quality of this pool of applicants.  It is truly amazing, and I admit a bit humbling, to see what you have managed to accomplish in just a few short years.  My staff and I have enjoyed “meeting’ you and learning about your journey through high school.  We applauded your academic successes, cheered with you as your achieved victory on the field, laughed along with you at the comedy of high school, and yes, cried at the losses many of you have suffered.

Thank you for sharing your personal stories with us.  You have achieved so much already, and I am certain that the best is yet to come!

Ann McDermott
Director of Admissions

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