Our Calling

6a00e54ed0db8e8833010536f8f30b970b-800wiIt is so easy to get lost in all the mundane details of any job, and working in college admissions is no different.  E-mail, spreadsheets, and voicemails  all blur into one long day of tasks.

What’s the point of all this?  Quo vadimus?  — Where are we going?

And then you get the opportunity to call an Early Decision applicant and inform her that the committee has voted to admit her to the class of 2018.


“You’re coming to Holy Cross,” I repeated, as she stammered,  in shock, unable to make sense of the exciting news I was trying to deliver.

I’m going to Holy Cross?” she asked, choking back tears.

And that was it – in that small moment, I found the reason for all those e-mails and spreadsheets – all those days at work. She’s heading to Holy Cross. I’m one of thirteen people helping to assemble the next class of Crusaders.

Where are we going?  #HC2018 – that’s where we’re going.

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