Five Reasons to Apply

Madison 2There’s less than two weeks before our application deadline, so I decided to give you a little motivation as you consider why Holy Cross is worth one more push of the submit button. As an alumna of the Class of 2012, I’d like to think these mean something … but in case you remain unconvinced, we are posting one reason per day @HCAdmission with #whyHC. Feel free to tweet at us with your own!


Top 5 reasons why I, Madison Hebert, believe you should apply to Holy Cross.


1. “The Undecided Movement” – Don’t know what you want to major in? No problem. Holy Cross understands that declaring a major is a stressful and important decision. In order to combat that, all of our freshmen come in undecided and are encouraged to explore their interests and pursue their passions. Some students will declare as early as the spring of their freshman year, while others will wait until the end of their sophomore year.


2. Alumni Network – Do you want to be approached by extremely proud alumni every time you have on school paraphernalia outside the gates? Do you wish for extended family that spans the world? Do you enjoy swerving across the highway to get a glimpse of every car sporting a HC sticker (not recommended)? Well if you answered yes, you are applying to the right place. The Holy Cross alumni network is an expansive, supportive, and extremely proud bunch.
>>Alumni Network helps student get finance internship in three days


3. Campus – Are you excited to spend four years at an institution where the ivy changes color, the flower beds are pristine, and the snow blowers are revved at the first sight of a snowflake? Words cannot describe the beauty of the Holy Cross campus – come see for yourself on one of our tours. I guarantee you will fall in love with it (maybe not the hills, but I promise you get used to them).

It's January. We need a reminder of Spring beauty.
It’s January. We need a reminder of Spring beauty.


4. Professors – Are you looking for caring professors that are invested in your success? Does the idea of in-depth class discussions get you excited?  Do you thrive in small classroom environments that foster meaningful faculty-student interaction? The Holy Cross faculty go above and beyond office hours. They are accessible outside the classroom in review sessions, by cell phone, and over dinner. The faculty wholeheartedly live out the mission as mentors to the students by creating strong bonds that even continue beyond the hill.


5. Friends – Do you appreciate a close knit community? Are you someone that values strong relationships? Are you expecting to make memories of a lifetime? Or maybe, you’re even looking for potential bridal party members? Holy Cross nurtures lifelong friendships. From your first steps on campus until graduation you will be connected to the most enthusiastic, hardworking, and caring peers. Countless inside jokes, long brunches in Kimball, and celebratory dances after surviving an exam are almost a guarantee. Also, I would like to make a shout out to my HC friends that helped me put this list together!


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  1. Ms. Hebert, I enjoyed reading your article on the “Five Reasons To Apply” to Holy Cross. As the youngest of four attending college, I see firsthand the value of having a strong alumni network whether applying for a summer internship or a job after graduation. As a hopeful freshman candidate for the Class of 2018 I know how invaluable alumni can be in your job search. As I await Holy Cross’ decision, I am confident that the support I will receive from the alumni will be immeasurable.

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