Student of the Month: Suji Yi ’17!

sujiWe are proud to announce that our Student of the Month is Suji Yi! This month’s superstar hails from Leominster, MA and is a Chinese and Economics double major. We deeply value¬†her dedication to the Office of Admissions and have included some words of appreciation from various staff members below:

One of our receptionists said, “She is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about admissions and great with the visitors. She is willing to jump in and help where ever needed. She is always upbeat and cheerful…a true gem and a ray of sunshine.”

Another staff member wrote, “Suji helped me on a very busy Saturday pulling double duty as a Senior Interviewer and Tour Guide Coordinator. She helped with all the tour guides, plus she helped me at the front desk greeting and checking guests for their interviews. What a trouper! Suji is always willing to help out with whatever we ask her to do every week.”

A¬†counselor told us, “The amount of time and energy Suji has devoted to this office is astounding. She volunteers four hours a week as a senior interviewer and another four hours a week as an admissions intern. She helps coordinate the tour guide coverage for group visits to campus and is the first to ask what else she can do to help. She is incredibly active on campus in other organizations, and yet, she is always ready and willing to help out in our office. Suji is an incredible representative of Admissions and the College. We are so grateful for having Suji in our office and don’t know what we would do without her!”

Another counselor wrote, “she spoke on panels for both Open Houses, has covered shifts for other Senior Interviewers, and continues to be a powerful component of our senior interviewing program.”

Still another counselor said, “Even being new to the staff here, Suji’s pivotal role in the admissions office is easy to see. From being the first to volunteer for events, to serving as Laura’s biggest helper and more, Suji embodies the engaged and academically motivated student we all articulate when describing the HC community to students on the road. Go, Suji! We would be lost without you!”

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